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Female Gaze

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      In 1976, Laura Mulvey, a film critic and director, introduced the concept of the "male gaze." The concept has gained significant importance in the theoretical framework of contemporary feminism, particularly concerning cinema, photography, and media. The "male gaze" suggests that the dominant image of women in the media aims to satisfy the desires of men, in contrast to the active roles of men. Women are depicted as dehumanized and passive objects meant to be looked at and sexualized. In the "male gaze," women are the object of the gaze. In this documentary series, women are the subject of the gaze._x000D_ _x000D_ Episode 7 - Tris - From a very young age, she delves into analog photography. After studying applied arts, she embarks on a two-year tour with a punk band. Gradually, Tris delves into more intimate photography, refusing to be put into a box and exploring her sexuality.


      Female Gaze
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        Eternal Allure

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