Sa / 01:41 / Penthouse HD

When the Boyz are Away the Pets Will Play Part 2

/ 2015


Blair & Jade celebrate a weekend without the "boyz" by sneaking off to relax with a drink and some special "girl time." Blair knows just how to touch Jade with her pretty manicured nails, and then it's time to get Blair out of her bathing suit so Jade can munch on her sweet pussy. Like all good girls, they brought a TOY along who needs boyz?! Now Blair can enjoy some doggy while she plays with herself too! Blair won't give up the toy, but she's happy to let Jade sit on her face while she continues to "play" and she's so generous, letting Jade lick the toy AFTER she's played with it! There is nothing better than watching two hot chicks take care of each other!


  • Regie
    Skye Blue
  • Gast
    Blair Summers
    Jade Nile

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