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The Coaching Craze

Dokumentation / D 2015


Coaching is really a trend at the moment. Increasing productivity at work, developing leadership competencies, practicing new skills: Coaching is considered a tried and tested method to reach professional goals. But what does it really do? How reputable is this industry? The business in self-optimization is booming, but it's expensive and not yet clear whether it really helps. Scientifically evaluating it is difficult. This documentary casts a critical eye on the industry and asks what providers and associations have to say about the lack of independent quality control. There are currently 8,000 coaches working in Germany, putting it in third place internationally after the United States and Britain. The industry in Germany has an annual turnover of 450 million euros.


  • Drehbuch
    Daniela Hoyer
    Franca Leyendecker

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