Sa / 22:00 / Penthouse SD


/ 2015


Chanel is AJ's boss and needs some work done, however, Tyler, AJ's boyfriend answers the door and when he tells Chanel that AJ is asleep, we discover the real work that Chanel needs done it's Friday night, she's been stood up and she wants to fuck! Tyler is just the man for the job, pretty much because he answered the door! Why can't I get jobs like that?! A ravenous Chanel starts with Tyler's cock before offering her pussy that she wants to rub all over his face! They manage to get a little doggy before AJ startles them. When Chanel realizes she's sleepwalking, she sends AJ on her way so Tyler can finish fucking her!


  • Regie
    Hank Hoffman
  • Gast
    Chanel Preston
    Tyler Nixon

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Sa / 22:00 / Penthouse HD


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