Mi / 08:00 / Penthouse SD

In the Heat of the Moment

/ 2015


Sometimes when we make stupid choices we set ourselves up for embarrassment such as hiring someone to help renew your marriage vows when you've already cheated on your wife and she's decided to run off with her yoga instructor, unless in the heat of the moment someone is there to help you overcome your embarrassment, especially when you admit to her you have a big hard dick! Nikki, the marriage vow peddler can't wait to get it in her mouth and then her pussy, cowgirl style. But Chad will definitely not be getting that deposit back.


  • Regie
    Steven St. Croix
  • Gast
    Nikki Daniels
    Chad White

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Mi / 08:00 / Penthouse HD

In the Heat of the Moment

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