So / 17:32 / Penthouse HD

How to Catch a Cougar

/ 2015


Hot and horny Sarah has her noisy young "boy toy" spend the night at her house while hubby, Kyle, tries to sleep. She convinces Kyle that the moaning and groaning coming from the guestroom was because she was not feeling well and did not want to disturb his rest what a thoughtful woman… hmmm. Boy toy, Brad likes her thoughtfulness too and shows his appreciation by munching on her pussy, she returns the favor with some very deep cock massaging using her mouth! She wants it harder when doing doggy, then onto mish as he massages her pussy right before showering those large and lovely tits with his young warm cum. Now, be a good "boy toy" and fetch a towel!


  • Regie
    Andre Madness
  • Gast
    Sarah Vandella non

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So / 17:32 / Penthouse SD

How to Catch a Cougar

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