Do / 11:00 / Penthouse HD

Hard Hat Lesbians

/ 2015


Carter Cruise and Charley Chase are working on a construction site… alone. They've been working the job so long that neither of them can remember last time they had sex. It's hot, they're both sweaty and it's lunchtime…hmmm, Charley has an idea! Lunchtime becomes munch time! Along with pussy-eating, finger fucking, licking, toys, and sucking the girls share lots of spit too! Oooh, lunchtime just got very messy! As Charley says, "Best lunch break every!"


  • Regie
    Skye Blue
  • Gast
    Carter Cruise
    Charley Chase

Alternative Sendeplätze

Do / 11:00 / Penthouse SD

Hard Hat Lesbians

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