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Floods - Challenging our Future

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For several decades, climate disasters have been growing in frequency. In particular, serious flooding in large cities has increased the sea level is rising, while the cities are sinking. Many cities, including New York, are insufficiently protected. Some scientists believe that man must abandon them one day. We have to protect ourselves from the sea and especially from storm surges. Man himself is to blame for the frequent disasters, through the excessive extraction of groundwater, dams, rapidly growing megalopolises and so-called soil liquefaction, which threatens Tokyo in particular. But we are also seeing global initiatives to manage large floods and limit the damage. Apart from human and material losses, floods cost the global economy enormous amounts of money and represent a big financial risk for the states concerned. This is because they not only have to repair any damage, but also foot the bill for losses to international trade.


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    Marie Mandy

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Floods - Challenging our Future

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Floods - Challenging our Future

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Floods - Challenging our Future

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